The Best of the Best

On January 22, at 00:00 server time. Will be launched a racing event which called "The Best of the Best".

Requirements for completing the race:
1.You will need to create a new character and the nickname must have the prefix NEW.
Example: NEWtestdk, testdkNEW. The prefix NEW must be in capital letters.
2. Any class is available. 
It doesn't matter which class you will start the race with.
3. You need to reach the 20 GR (Grand resets) and 250 ML (Master level skill tree).

1st place - 100.000 WCoins.
2nd place - 70.000 WCoins.
3rd place - 50.000 WCoins.
4th place - 35.000 WCoins.
5th place - 20.000 WCoins.

In order to receive a reward. You will need to send us your login and a screen confirming that you have fulfilled the necessary requirements. Screenshots are taken only through the PRT SCN (Screen Printing) button, screenshots that will be located in the game folder after clicking this button.
Example: Press button C for open character information and after press button PRT SCN. Now find the folder with the game and there will be a folder with the name screenshot, send us the last screenshot that was made with the information we need. The screenshot should show us the system report on the creation of the screenshot where the time, server name and nickname.

The race will end on January 29

Currently this is only one server.