Dear Players, we are starting a season system.
Every month on the 1st, all accounts will be reset.
Players who occupy the top 5 will receive bonuses at the start.
Season 1 starts on October 1 at 19:00 server time, all registered accounts remain, only heroes, chests and their values are reset

Character names:
1. TestBK - 50.000 WCoin + F.O Wing Level 3 + F.O Ring/Pendant + VIP 10 Day
2. TestSM - 40.000 WCoin + F.O Ring/Pendant + VIP 5 Day
3. TestELF - 30.000 WCoin + VIP 3 Day
4. TestMG - 20.000 WCoin + VIP 2 Day
5. TestDL - 10.000 WCoin + VIP 1 Day

The winners are determined by the RANKING section on the website
IMPORTANT!!! To receive bonuses for the top 5 you need to contact the server administration before resetting.
The top 5 winners are determined an hour before the server resets!
Also in the discord there will be a history of the winners for the season; if you hold prize positions for more than 3 seasons, you receive 10% more bonuses each season.

Players receive rewards for the first season at the start of the second season, and so on every season. Perhaps the rewards will change every season.

Currently this is only one server.