Version: Season 3 
Experience rate: x99999
Rate for ML experience: 3%
Rate for drop: 100%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 350
Reset: 400 level
Reset reward: 10 WCoins
Grand Reset: 35 reset (Reward 1.000 WCoins)
Max stats: 32767
Point per level all classe: 10       
Stats: no reset
Mu Helper: from level 1
Players in party: 5
Guild Creation: Level 300
Max players in the guild: 20
Max Guild alliance: 1
Alliance Min User: 10
Owner Destroy Limit: 1
NPC Elf buff: 30 reset
Max Reset: Unlimit
Max Grand Reset: Unlimit

Features of the game:

For 1 hour of playing you will receive: 100 WCoin.
Reward BC/DS/CC: 300 WCoin.
Voting for the server every 12 hours: 600 WCoin
Ecxellent item in shop.
Wings level 1 in shop.
Jewel of Bless/Soul/Life/Chaos in shop.
Box of Kundun +1/2/3/4/5 in shop.
Perfect PvP and PvE Balance.
Vip system.
Bonus start.
NEW Map, Item, Mob, Wings.
NEW Ancient Set. 
NEW Muun.
NEW Event - Battle Royal (minimum number of players to start the event 4)
NEW Event - PvP Chempionship (minimum number of players to start the event 4)
OffExp-AFK system, pumping offline.
OffHelper-AFK system, pumping offline with lifting items.
Items that you bought for WCoins can be sold back for 80% of the initial cost. Before selling, be sure to re-enter the game !!!


/post                "Post a message in global chat""
/str                 "Add points in Str"
/agi                 "Add points in Agi"
/vit                 "Add points in Vit"
/ene                 "Add points in Ene"
/cmd                 "Add points in Com"
/pk                  "Clear PK"
/change              "Evolve char class"
/zen                 "Add zen"
/clearinv            "Clear inventory"
/readd               "ReAdd stats"
/lock     "Block Itens"
/unlock   "Desbloc Itens"
/classe          "(VIP)Change character class"    ATTENTION!!! After changing the class, the master level is reset to 0
/rename      "(VIP)Change character name"
/remaster            "(VIP)ReAdd Master Skill Tree"

Currently this is only one server.