26 / 09 / 2023

Dear Players, we are starting a season system.
Every month on the 1st, all accounts will be reset.
Players who occupy the top 5 will receive bonuses at the start.
Season 1 starts on October 1 at 19:00 server time, all registered accounts remain, only heroes, chests and their values are reset

Character names:
1. TestBK - 50.000 WCoin + F.O Wing Level 3 + F.O Ring/Pendant + VIP 10 Day
2. TestSM - 40.000 WCoin + F.O Ring/Pendant + VIP 5 Day
3. TestELF - 30.000 WCoin + VIP 3 Day
4. TestMG - 20.000 WCoin + VIP 2 Day
5. TestDL - 10.000 WCoin + VIP 1 Day

The winners are determined by the RANKING section on the website
IMPORTANT!!! To receive bonuses for the top 5 you need to contact the server administration before resetting.
The top 5 winners are determined an hour before the server resets!
Also in the discord there will be a history of the winners for the season; if you hold prize positions for more than 3 seasons, you receive 10% more bonuses each season.

Players receive rewards for the first season at the start of the second season, and so on every season. Perhaps the rewards will change every season.

Dear players, I am glad to present you a global server update. Updates affected not only the server but also the game client. Our discord server has also been updated, you can find it on the website in the contacts section. After full testing of the update, the server will have a global wipe.

Added new Forgotten Souls location
To get to the Forgotten Souls location, you need to have a Diamond Jewel with you that will allow you to stay at this location for 30 minutes.
Every 30 minutes, the system automatically takes 1 Diamond Jewel, if you don't have it, it will teleport you to Lorencia.
Auto-rest always works at the Forgotten Souls location, regardless of whether you have a VIP or not.
Also, a new boss has been added to the Forgotten Souls location. Items from him fall on the class that killed him.
IMPORTANT: If you left early, the timer closes and you need to have a Diamond Jewel with you to get back in.offpvp command working
Diamond Jewel can be bought in x shop for 1000 WCoin or dropped with Magic Monkey 10% drop chance

  • New Magic Monkey event added
  • There is a limit for DS / BC / CC 10 times a day / vip 20
  • Removed penalties for killing a player
  • Changed BС/DS time to now every 30 minutes
  • Boss times have been changed. They now spawn more often
  • Strengthened 70% of monsters on the server
  • Spots in Barracks and Crywulf have been removed
  • Drop parts for Fenrir now in Kanturu Remain location
  • Feather for 3 wings is now only dropable in Kanturu 1/2
  • Party 10 people
  • Changed teleport level by location
  • Monster respawn reduced from 7 seconds to 5
  • The number of monsters in the spot has been reduced from 20 to 10 Vip arena from 30 to 20
  • Removed Tier 1 Wings from Lorencia Bolo Store and added Tier 3 Wings
  • Removed Jewel of Creation, Guardian and Harmony from Liaman the Barmaid in Lorencia, increased drop of these gems by 30%
  • Gold Dragon event added
  • Boxes +4 and +5 have been removed from the store
  • Ex items removed from stores
  • Reduced number of chests from 8 to 4
  • Added sounds to the game client
  • Skin system added
  • Added battle pass

Cry Wolf event now raises or lowers rates

In case of victory:
Monster health is reduced by 30%
Chaos Machine +20%

In case of injury:
Experience -30%
Drop stones -50%

The new game client is already available for download, everyone who has the old client needs to download the new one for correct work

02 / 04 / 2023

The opening of our x100 server will be on April 8th.
Server site: WEB
Server information can be found here: GUIDES

Currently this is only one server.