x99999 x100
x99999 x100
29 / 07 / 2022


Version: Season 3 
Experience rate: x99999
Rate for ML experience: 3%
Rate for drop: 100%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 350
Reset: 400 level
Reset reward: 10 WCoins
Grand Reset: 35 reset (Reward 1.000 WCoins)
Max stats: 32767
Point per level all classe: 10       
Stats: no reset
Mu Helper: from level 1
Players in party: 5
Guild Creation: Level 300
Max players in the guild: 20
Max Guild alliance: 1
Alliance Min User: 10
Owner Destroy Limit: 1
NPC Elf buff: 30 reset
Max Reset: Unlimit
Max Grand Reset: Unlimit

Features of the game:

For 1 hour of playing you will receive: 100 WCoin.
Reward BC/DS/CC: 300 WCoin.
Voting for the server every 12 hours: 600 WCoin
Ecxellent item in shop.
Wings level 1 in shop.
Jewel of Bless/Soul/Life/Chaos in shop.
Box of Kundun +1/2/3/4/5 in shop.
Perfect PvP and PvE Balance.
Vip system.
Bonus start.
NEW Map, Item, Mob, Wings.
NEW Ancient Set. 
NEW Muun.
NEW Event - Battle Royal (minimum number of players to start the event 4)
NEW Event - PvP Chempionship (minimum number of players to start the event 4)
OffExp-AFK system, pumping offline.
OffHelper-AFK system, pumping offline with lifting items.
Items that you bought for WCoins can be sold back for 80% of the initial cost. Before selling, be sure to re-enter the game !!!


/post                "Post a message in global chat""
/str                 "Add points in Str"
/agi                 "Add points in Agi"
/vit                 "Add points in Vit"
/ene                 "Add points in Ene"
/cmd                 "Add points in Com"
/pk                  "Clear PK"
/change              "Evolve char class"
/zen                 "Add zen"
/clearinv            "Clear inventory"
/readd               "ReAdd stats"
/lock     "Block Itens"
/unlock   "Desbloc Itens"
/classe          "(VIP)Change character class"    ATTENTION!!! After changing the class, the master level is reset to 0
/rename      "(VIP)Change character name"
/remaster            "(VIP)ReAdd Master Skill Tree"

01 / 07 / 2022
Test Client

The test client is already available for download!
If you find any bug, please let me know on Discord.

27 / 06 / 2022
Relocation and renewal

Dear players, the server has moved to a new hosting and new files. You can find all the information on our Discord.

The link to our discord can be found on the site on the right, in the contacts section.

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